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Our specialised sound experts make: Soundtracks, Music, Voice acting, Sound design, and SFX for Games, TV, Films and Adverts

About Us

Solutions tailored for your needs


Do you specifically need just a soundtrack, voice actors, or sound design, or do you want to use everything we offer? No problem! We can offer solutions for any projects and budgets, big or small. Ask how we can help!

Our Philosophy


A life's work isn't enough to master all the complexities of sound for media. At Echo Warriors, we know you'll get the best sounds possible if you have several specialised sound experts combining their resources and passion, while keeping the simplicity and quality assurance of dealing with just one peer-controlled group.

Why focus on Sound?


Everyone at Echo Warriors has a huge passion for sounds because they tap straight into our emotions and are essential for making your audience feel what you want them to feel. Sounds make a massive impact in media! Check out our articles to get some ides.

Not convinced? Have a look at this famous clip without music for some fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUpl-OSRe5g


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