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Get the best out of your: Composer

Beethoven composer painting

Your composer will be able to help you find the perfect style for your needs, but here are some tips to quickly get the best possible soundtrack.

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Get the best out of your: Voice Actor

Theatre masks dramatic acting

Your voice actor will be able to offer great ideas about their characters, but here's advice on how to use them to their full ability.

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Get the best out of your: Sound Designer

Input speakers

It's pretty tough talking about abstract things like sounds. Our sound designer is an expert at these things, but here's some tips to help you get the best out of him.

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Talking About: Music and Sounds

dictionary book

There's a few really useful words for talking about music. They let you get straight to the point with your composer. They might also give you ideas for your music!

describing music

How to use your Sound Budget

VU meter DB level loudness measurement

How should you allocate your sound budget? How can you make tight budgets work the hardest for your sounds?

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puppy dog wearing headphones

Why is the puppy wearing headphones? Customers have questions, we often have answers.

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Licensing made simple


What is an exclusive or non-exclusive licence? What other options are there, and what advantages do these types of licenses have?

Licensing made simple