Aimee Smith, Voice Actress


In Brief

Aimee Smith is a versatile voice actress who specialises in both commercial and character work. She is based in Sydney, Australia, but you wouldn't pick her accent unless she let you in on her secret! 

As a proud owner of a Sennheiser MK4 microphone, her recordings have pristine audio quality.


Check out some samples of her voice acting here:

and here:

Some Testimonials

 "I've  worked with Aimee periodically since bringing her in to voice one of  our animal characters in 2012... she's really good at changing her accent to whatever the project requires. She has a good home setup so  we've been able to do our recording sessions online when needed.  Overall, a top-notch voice actress to work with!" Stephen DiDuro, GalaxyTrail CEO

Previous Work

Aimee is featured in an impressive list of games, radio and TV commercials, phone systems and anything else that needs a voice! Most notable for her video game roles as Milla from Freedom Planet and Alysia from Battlerite, she also features in Heroes Arena, Skeletal Dance Party and over a hundred other roles! You may also have heard her voice as the cool Telstra radio girl, the bright voice behind United Cinemas phone system, and the upbeat voice for Campos Coffee. 

Full CV: