Ariel, Voice Actress


In Brief

Ariel is an upcoming voice actress who started her career on Youtube fan videos but now is sought after in the game industry. Her speaking voice spans a wide range, and so does her beautiful singing voice! Ariel is Alabaman, but she can also do French and English accents to perfection!

Some Testimonials

 "Ariel is an amazing actress with a voice that fits many areas. If she hasn't done it before, she will take the time to master doing it. She has talent, passion and dedication towards you and your creations, which makes working with her an easy going and flawless process" - Emiko Aoki, Co-Founder, Ward B

Previous Work

Ariel has been active on Youtube for a long time, featuring in many small studio anime and fan made videos. She has become sought after in the game industry, working on titles such as Aftermath 1945 and yet to be released Ward B productions.