Edwyn Tiong, Voice Actor


In Brief

As a Malaysian-born Chinese who moved to Australia then to New Zealand then back to Australia again (and currently resides in Adelaide, South Australia), Edwyn Tiong possesses a uniquely accented voice that can be best described as "American with a hint of everything". Edwyn has been voice acting for years on the internet, and if you were a frequent browser of Newgrounds in the mid-00s, you would probably have heard him in almost every single game and animation on there. These days, he's been lending his talent to a variety of video games, including quite a few point-and-click adventure games! He's awfully tickled by that, as he grew up playing those and used to voice every character out loud to himself, because that was how you got voice acting in video games back then. Wow, he's old.

Edwyn can easily switch his acting from charmingly suave professional, to comically buffoonish grandpa, to Russian gangster thug and back again in a flash. Specialising in creating unique and memorable characters, he can switch from being the calm, coolly distant type, to the silly and weird comic relief, to the viciously ferocious uncaged monster and back again. This versatility has seen him star in a over a hundred web animations and video games over the course of twenty years. He also has a calming, intelligent and confident voice that's well suited for audiobooks, educational and instructional videos, commercials and business presentations.

In addition to voice acting, Edwyn is also an experienced sound mixing editor, having produced a variety of audioplays, audiobooks and comic dubs that shine from his sense of aural artistry. He has also worked as a punch up writer on a variety of productions, and is one of the lead writers behind the upcoming video game Freedom Planet 2.

A lot of Testimonials

“In the course of my career, I’ve met very few VO  artists with the talent of Edwyn Tiong, his wonderfully unique voice and  stunning characterizations have been the highlight of too many projects  to count. He moves from character to character by utilizing all the  little subtleties available in the voice actors toolkit. In short he is a  master of his craft and he will bring all of that to the table in your  project!”   — Xander Mobus, Voice Actor "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" "Persona 5" 

“Edwyn Tiong has been working with our studio since the  release of “Freedom Planet”, and he has been exceptional at performing  his duties as a voice actor and writer. He has worked with a number of  other game development studios in the past, and his vocal prowess and  clever grasp of literary tropes has proven invaluable to the production  of our latest project: “Freedom Planet 2”.”   — Stephen DiDuro, Founder of Galaxytrail LLC. 
“Edwyn Tiong was cast for a number of major and minor  characters in both the first and second instalment of “The Journey Down”  series, both of which were received warmly and hailed for the quality  of their voice work, much thanks to the brilliant work of Edwyn Tiong.  We are privileged to be able to continue to work with Edwyn on the third  and final episode of “The Journey Down” series, and will undoubtedly  hire him again on future productions as well.”   — Theodor Waern, Co-founder of SkyGoblin, Producer of "The Journey Down" 
“I have been a fan of Edwyn Tiong’s voice work since  his first appearance in animated and gaming content on Newgrounds, back  in 2005; in the years since, Edwyn has become a highly sought after  voice actor and production collaborator. Additionally, Edwyn worked with  fellow voice actors to create the Newgrounds Voice Acting Club,  bringing further attention to the voice acting role on Newgrounds and  encouraging the addition of a voice acting credit in our authoring  system.”   — Tom Fulp, founder and administrator of Newgrounds 
“When seeking a distinct sound and memorable  performance, be it comedic or dramatic, I know that I can always turn to  Edwyn to provide something that simply no one else can deliver. I often  state that no individual I’ve met in our field can make more out of  less, better than Edwyn Tiong.”   — Deven Mack, casting and voice director for "Dust: An Elysian Tail" 
“The first project we worked on with Edwyn was  “Detective Grimoire”. Upon hearing his audition, we immediately cast him  in the lead role as Detective Grimoire himself.  No other voice actor  we’ve worked with can take a character from our script and notes and  know exactly the direction to take the voice, making us more excited  about the character and lines than we thought we could be.”   — Tom Vian, Co-founder and director of SFB Games Limited 
“Do you want your project to sound good? Of course you  do. By now you’ve probably already listened to Edwyn’s work and you know  he has a great voice. What you really want to know is, is he good to  work with? And he is. He’s passionate about each individual project, and  he takes the time necessary to give your characters the unique sound  they deserve. If you want your project to sound good, you can hire  anyone with a nice voice. If you want your project to sound GREAT, hire  Edwyn.”   — Ayu Sakata, casting director (Winter Wolves, sakevisual, Funimation) 

Previous Work


Dust: An Elysian Tail (Humble Hearts / Xbox Game Studios) Fuse 

Freedom Planet (Galaxytrail) The Royal Magister 

Detective Grimoire (SFB Games) Detective Grimoire 

Unavowed (Wadjet Eye Games) Ligamental / Kevin Huang / Officer Diego / Eternox bouncer 

Heroes of Newerth (Frostburn Studios) Red Raja / Hang Tuah 

Terrain of Magical Expertise (Neo-C Productions) Narrator / Agent Giga Xin (Lifepoint1 Entertainment / Newgrounds) Legend / Mr. Dom 

Guinea Something Good (JoeGP.com / Newgrounds) Joe 

Ghost Giant (Zoink Games) Corey Pica 

Zombie VIkings (Zoink Games) Loki / The Stranger / Witch Doctor / Fishgaard Mob 

My Time at Portia (Pathea Games / Team17) Tuss  

Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok (Crystal Shard) Alviss / Andvari  The Journey Down Trilogy (SkyGoblin) Sabo / APC Guards / Hungry Man 

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements (Himalaya Studios) Falc / Si Long / Ruffian / Boyd / The Screaming Sap Tree 

Runewards (ReaverGames) Nephillim / Terror Knight / Salamander / Alchemist / Black Knight / Blacksmith / Captain Scourge 

Yousei (sakevisual) Aaron Vanich 

The Trapped Trilogy (Godlimations) Dan McNeely

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