What do you do?

Echo Warriors is designed to drum up business for a group of sound experts. 

Media (TV, Film, Games, Radio, Youtube, Theatre etc.) can outsource to us for a full sound package dealt with by a team of specialists, working together to deliver a hollistic and polished final product. 

We hope to empower the individual with this concept, and do away with the exorbitant commissions from websites like upwork.

What's the point, why this approach?

The better the website the more business we all get, so we all stand to gain.

We have all seen lower budget media only contacting one person to deal with all of their sound needs, but it's unlikely that someone could do an expert job on voice acting, sound design, composing, mixing and mastering on their own. 

Finally, our marketing is stronger if we act as a community, and as a group we can reach out to far more potential employers than alone. This means we spend less time and money on advertising, and more on just being good at what we do!

Who can join the Echo Warriors team?

If you have the skill, you are welcome to apply to join our team! We are also open to people with good marketing and advertising ideas/ strategies.

What are the fees?

There's no fees to pay for being a part of the team. If  someone refers work to the website and someone else on the website gets work from that, they make a donation of 5% of their profit to the person who found the work initially, and a voluntary donation to my website hosting fees. That way there is incentive to help  the website grow as a community, and work will find its way to us organically. (And I won't be driven to poverty by website hosting fees).  If you are proactive about finding work and referring it to the website, you could make money from being on the website. If not, you will get work anyway, so it's a win-win.

This means we can offer our most competitive prices, because we don't have to factor in the high commission fees of website like upwork!

How do I join?

To join, send us your bio, CV, picture (can be a professional looking cartoon) and demo reel. If we like what you do, you're now a member! That's all! 

I'll upload what you give me onto the website. You'll get your own unique private page, and be listed under the list of sound experts as well. You'll also need to join our Discord server for full benefit, where we can discuss ideas and refer work to.